SuperDARN Radar Software Toolkit (RST) Documentation

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Here are a few shortcuts to several commonly used routines:

Data Processing:
dmapdump Print the contents of a dmap-format file
make_fit Create a fit/fitacf file from a dat/rawacf file
make_grid Create a grid file from a fit/fitacf file
Map Potential:
map_grd Create an empty map file from a grid file
map_addhmb Add a Heppner-Maynard boundary to a map file
map_addimf Add solar wind data to a map file
map_addmodel Add statistical model vectors to a map file
map_fit Perform spherical harmonic fitting on a map file
fov_plot Plot radar fields of view on a map
time_plot Plot fit/fitacf data as a time series
field_plot Plot fit/fitacf data on a map
grid_plot Plot grid data on a map
map_plot Plot Map Potential data on a map