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map_grd --help
map_grd [-vb] [-old] [-old_aacgm] [-sh] [-l latmin] [gridname]


Reformats a grid file into an empty cnvmap format file.

--helpprint the help message and exit.
--versionprint the RST version number and exit.
-vbverbose. Log information to the console.
-oldthe input file is a grd format file and the output is a
map format file.
-old_aacgmuses the older AACGM software and coefficients. The default
is to use AACGM-v2.
-shthe map file is for southern hemisphere data.
-l latminset the lower latitude boundary to latmin.
-emptycreate an empty map file without any input grid data.
-sd yyyymmddstart empty file from the date yyyymmdd.
-st hr:mnstart empty file from the time hr:mn.
-ed yyyymmddend empty file at the date yyyymmdd.
-et hr:mnend empty file at the time hr:mn.
-ex hr:mnuse the interval for empty file whose extent is hr:mn.
-tl tlencreate empty records of length tlen seconds.
gridnamefilename of the grdmap format file. If this is omitted, the file will
be read from standard input.

Creates an empty convection map file from a grid file.

The file created is written to standard output.

The output is in the map file format but most of the data fields are empty. Subsequent processing is required to add such things as the IMF data, Model vectors and coefficients of the spherical harmonic fit.

map_grd -l 60 -vb 19981020.grd > 19981020.map

Creates an empty map file from the grid file called "19981020.grd". The lower latitude limit is set to 60 degrees. The file created is called "19981020.map" and status is logged to standard error.