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make_grid --help
make_grid [options] fitacfname [inxname]
make_grid -old [options] fitname [inxname]
make_grid -cfit [options] cfitname
make_grid -cfit -old [options] cfitname
make_grid [options] fitacfnames...
make_grid -old [options] fitnames...
make_grid -cfit [options] cfitnames...
make_grid -cfit -old [options] cfitnames...

Creates a grid format file for a single radar site from either a fit, fitacf or cfit format file.

--helpprint the help message and exit.
--versionprint the RST version number and exit.
-vbverbose. Log information to the console.
-sd yyyymmddstart from the date yyyymmdd.
-st hr:mnstart from the time hr:mn.
-ed yyyymmddstop at the date yyyymmdd.
-et hr:mnstop at the time hr:mn.
-ex hr:mnuse the interval whose extent is hr:mn.
-tl tlenignore the scan flag and instead use a fixed length scan of tlen seconds.
-i inttintegrate the grid data into records of length intt seconds.
-cn channelprocess data from channel channel for stereo mode data.
-cn_fix channelmanually set channel information written to output file.
-ebm ebeamsexclude the beams listed in ebeams, which is a comma separated list of beam numbers.
-minrng minrangeexclude data from range gates lower than minrange.
-maxrng maxrangeexclude data from range gates higher than maxrange.
-minsrng minsrangeexclude data from slant ranges lower than minsrange km (this takes precedence over minrng/maxrng).
-maxsrng maxsrangeexclude data from slant ranges higher than maxsrange km (this takes precedence over minrng/maxrng).
-fwgt modeset the filter weighting mode to mode.
-pmax pmaxexclude data with a power greater than pmax dB.
-vmax vmaxexclude data with an absolute velocity greater than vmax m/s.
-wmax wmaxexclude data with a spectral width greater than wmax m/s.
-vemax vemaxexclude data with a velocity error greater than vemax m/s.
-pmin pminexclude data with a power less than pmin dB.
-vmin vminexclude data with an absolute velocity less than vmin m/s.
-wmin wminexclude data with a spectral width less than wmin m/s.
-vemin veminexclude data with a velocity error less than vemin m/s.
-fmax fmaxset the maximum allowed variation in frequency to be fmax Hz.
-alt altset the altitude at which the mapping is done to be alt km.
-navdo not perform temporal averaging.
-nlmdo not exclude data because it exceeds the data limits.
-nbdo not exclude data based on the operating parameters.
-nsexclude data with scan flags less than zero.
-xtdcreate extended output that includes both the power and spectral width measurements and their errors.
-isortcalculate the median power and spectral width independently of the velocity distribution.
-ionexclude data marked as ground scatter and only include data marked as ionospheric scatter.
-gsexclude data marked as ionospheric scatter and only include data marked as ground scatter.
-bothdo not exclude data based on the type flag.
-inertialcalculate the grid file in the inertial reference frame.
-chishamcalculate the grid file using the Chisham virtual height model.
-old_aacgmcalculate the grid file using old AACGM coefficients rather than v2.
fitacfnamefilename of the fitacf format file.
inxnamefilename of the index file.
-oldthe input file is in the fit format, and the output should be in grd format. (If the input format is in cfit format as specified by the -cfit option, then the output will be in grd format).
fitnamefilename of the fit format file.
-cfitthe input file is in the cfit format.
cfitfnamefilename of the cfit format file.
fitnamesfilenames of the fit format files.
fitacfnamesfilenames of the fitacf format files.
cfitnamesfilenames of the cfit format files.

Creates a grid format file for a single radar site from either a fit, fitacf or cfit format file.

A grid file is a highly processed data product consisting of geo-magnetically located line of sight velocity vectors.

The algorithm optionally applies a median filter to the scan data to remove noise. Each range-beam cell together with its immediate neighbors in the current, preceding and following scans is examined. A weighted sum of all the cells containing scatter is calculated and if this sum exceeds a certain threshold, the median data value of the cells is substituted for the central cell. Various command line options control how the filter is applied.

Once the data has been filtered, the geo-magnetic location of each line of sight velocity measurement is calculated. The vectors are then fixed to an equi-area grid to ensure that the data is not biased according to its location in the radar field of view.

The vectors in each cell are averaged together over a fixed period of time to generate a data record, which is then written to standard output.

The program accepts multiple fit files as input. If more than one input file is provided, the program will concatenate them together for processing. Note that only fit files from a single radar site may be concatenated; the "combine_grid" routine is still necessary for combining data from different radar sites into a single grid file.

In addition to the regular grid file output, the program can also produce "extended" grid files that contain information about the spectral width, power and composition of each data point by specifying the "-xtd" command line option.

make_grid -vb -old 19991120.kap.fit > 19991120.kap.grd

Generate a grid file from the fit file "19991120.kap.fit" and store it in the file "19991120.kap.grd". Report the status on standard error.

make_grid -i 240 -old 20000510.*.kod.fit > 20000510.kod.grd

Concatenate all the fit files in the current directory to create a grid file with a 4-minute record length. Store the output in the file "20000510.kod.grd".

make_grid -tl 120 -vemax 500 -both -xtd -old 19981012.gbr.fit > 19981012.gbr.grd

Generate a grid file from the fit file "19981012.gbr.fit" using a fixed scan length of 120 seconds. Ignore data points with a velocity error exceeding 500 m/s and process both ionospheric and ground scatter vectors. Store an extended format grid file in "19981012.gbr.grd"

make_grid -nb -nlm -old 19970810.kap.fit > 19970810.kap.grd

Generate a grid file from the fit file "19970810.kap.fit" without applying any thresholds to the vectors and any changes in radar parameters between scans, are ignored. Store the grid file in "19970810.kap.grd"