RST4.4 released

Jul 7, 2020

We are pleased to announce the new minor release of the Radar Software Toolkit, RST4.4.

Download RST4.4

Key updates include:

  • iqdat reading and plotting bugfixes
  • make_raw bugfixes to correctly reproduce rawacf file from an iqdat file
  • Improvements on freeing memory allocation in make_fit
  • fitacfserver bugfix for system assigned port number
  • map_addimf bugfixes for CDF files for solar wind input
  • Input error checking on map_addmodel
  • rawwrite bugfix for missing acfd array
  • dmaptocdf and dmaptoncdf bugfixes
  • Better defining and consistent use of constants
  • Continued compiler warning cleanup/reduction
  • Documentation updates
  • Added .zenodo.json file for better citation control

As always, we encourage users to contact us if they have questions of find problems with the software. You can contact us by opening an “issue” on the github page, or alternatively by email. We also welcome any and all to contribute new features or developments in SuperDARN data processing.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release.