pyDARN v1.1.0 released

Aug 11, 2020

We are pleased to announce that a new release of pyDARN is available for download.


The software can be downloaded via pip (python library installer) or from Zenodo.

If you already have pyDARN installed, use pip install --upgrade pydarn

This version includes:

  • Bugfixes with RAWACF reading
  • More robust method for downloading hardware files
  • Borealis IO updates
  • Plotting ACFs
  • Updated the logging mechanism

Please note that pyDARN will no longer be supporting the IO package, which will be moved to pyDARNio (first release coming soon). The IO package will be removed from pyDARN in the next releasee.

Fan plots will also be added in the next release.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to pyDARN!