Agenda for Virtual Workshop Meeting

May 20, 2021

The Data Analysis Working Group meeting will be held on 25 May 2021 at 12:00 UTC.

1. Report from the DAWG chairs

The DAWG chairs will present a brief overview of the DAWG’s activities during the past year

2. User interaction with DAWG software

  • Review results from DAWG survey
  • Do users update to the latest RST/pyDARN releases? Where do you obtain software updates? Is the software easy to install?
  • Discuss ways to increase participation in DAWG activities, especially testing new code
  • Outline the process for adding new code to DAWG software

3. Introduction to pyDARN

  • Outline the scope of pyDARN as a SuperDARN data visualization package
  • What new features would users like to have included in pyDARN?

4. FITACF 3.0

  • Proposal to the PI Executive Council to approve FITACF v3.0 as the default fitting algorithm in the RST (and retain v2.5 as a non-default option)
  • Brief review of the key differences between the two fitting algorithms, and the scientific advantages of FITACF 3.0
  • Opportunity to ask questions

Asking questions before the meeting is encouraged: please send questions to Emma Bland (

5. Data formats

  • Maintaining support for old data formats
  • Data format conversion tools for cdf, hdf5, ascii, etc.

6. Any other business