Communication Guidelines

The SuperDARN Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG) is a collaborative group of developers, scientists, and engineers that focus on developing software to analyze the SuperDARN data from raw data (RAWACF, and sometimes IQDAT) to secondary data (FITACF, GRID, MAP, … etc). This document is set up to help new and current developers in the DAWG that work on the RST repository (and possibly other repos in the future) communicate issues, problems, pull request reviews and solutions in a constructive and professional manner. For some members of the DAWG, this method for collaborative code development may be completely new. These guidelines are not strict rules and can be reviewed later on if problems arise in a constructive, collaborative manner.

Some of these guidelines were inspired by the great piece from Alex Hill’s “The Art of Giving and Receiving Code Reviews”.

The following communication methods this document will address is:


Giving feedback

Receiving feedback

Other thoughts for another document (leaving them here to retain these ideas)

For other information on the workflow/development in RST please reference (currently in the work, guidelines have not been written yet):