Data Analysis Working Group Charter

Adopted: July 2021

Last Amended: July 2021



To maintain, improve, document and distribute the core SuperDARN data analysis software for use by scientists and students.


The scope of the Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG) is to provide oversight of the core analysis software that generates the key SuperDARN data products. The core analysis software includes the following packages from the Radar Software Toolkit (RST):


The DAWG is responsible for approving and publishing upgrades/changes to the RST, and offering technical assistance to users.

The RST should:

The DAWG’s responsibilities do not extend to the following:


All DAWG activities should be conducted in accordance with this charter and the SuperDARN Working Group Guidelines.

The DAWG has autonomy in relation to normal development activities. However, the following types of changes require formal approval before implementation into the software:


There should be at least two permanent members of the WG: a Scientific Chair and a Software Development Chair, who share responsibilities in running the group. WG chairs shall be appointed by the Executive Council.

A person shall be considered a member of the DAWG if they meet the general membership criteria in the SuperDARN WG Guidelines and contribute regularly to the DAWG’s activities in at least one of the following ways:

The DAWG welcomes code contributions, suggestions and feedback from anyone in the SuperDARN community. There is no requirement to be a WG member in order to contribute. Note that the above membership definition is distinct from the DAWG’s criteria for software authorship.